DotA 6.83c Zet,Arc Warden Gold Bug Found

DotA 6.83c Zet,Arc Warden Gold Bug Found, DotA 6.83c map was the third map of 6.83 series and it was released few weeks ago due to some bugs and errors. This time we came up with a game breaking bug which will allow you to have infinite gold in your game. Zet, Arc Warden is now having an ability to get unlimited gold  without farming creeps. Since its a serious bug so we are expecting a new map release soon.

DotA 2 Patch 6.84 Released - Patch 6.84 Changelog with 8 New Items!

DoTA 2 AWESOME Updates! Valve has just released the 6.84 Patch and it has 8 new items! I expect there will be a lot of balance updates but to have 8 new items is really caught me off guard! A lot of heroes also get Aghanim’s Scepter including Wraith King which will let allied hero become Wraith if they are death within 1200 range and it looks really fun!

What is your expectation? DotA 2 Patch 6.84

Now that DotA 1 also already received their updates into DotA 6.83c, what lies ahead is the 6.84 Patch. What do you guys want from Valve for the next patch? Some players actually think that the current system is too punishing when we’re making a mistake and can cause the enemy carry suddenly getting rich and easily turn the game. What do you guys think about it?

Official DotA 6.83c Download - Dota 6.83c Map Download (Released)

Official DotA 6.83c Download - Dota 6.83c Map Download (Released). Finally! After several months, IceFrog released another update for the DotA 1, the DotA 6.83c. This map goes straight from the DotA 6.81d into DotA 6.83c. Between them actually there are some patches which is released to the DotA 2, that's why this map contains a lot of changes from both DotA 6.82 and also DotA 6.83. The most notable one is the addition of the Bounty rune and the new Roshan's location. Can't wait to try it?

Official Dota 6.83c Public Beta Version Available

Dota 6.83c is now available for Warcraft. Here is a beta version of it. If you find any bugs, just send an email to | DOWNLOAD Now

DotA 2 | Year Beast Brawl Event Guide

The 2015 New Bloom updates gave us a new event, the Year Beast Brawl! The Year Beast Brawl is actually similar to normal Dota 2 match with All-Pick mode, but.. Each team will have their own Year Beast to help them every 5 minutes. When the Year Beast appears, you can use your Ability Points to upgrade the Year Beast and cast it skills. You can gain Ability Points from various ways during the New Bloom Festival.


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