Patch 6.85 is Here! Patch 6.85 Changelog | 6.85 Patch Notes

 The balance patch is here! It’s not a total overhaul, it will be done on the Patch 6.86, however this patch do balance some heroes. For those watching the International 5, you must know that the favorite heroes are not far from Tusk, Lina, Storm Spirit and Leshrac. And of course those heroes got some nerf in this patch. Let’s check out more details on this patch changelogs!

A new Alliance with s4 | DotA 2 Teams

Alliance revealed the new roster with the returning captain s4 in his mid position and Mynuts rejoining the team as well.

Cloud 9 reveals their new team | DotA 2 Teams

With their brand new Dota 2 lineup, Cloud 9 will represent North America from now on.
On a Facebook post made by Theeban "1437" Siva (ex Team Secret coach) he announces that he will be leading the new line-up for Cloud 9. The organization decided to pick up Dark Horse, a team that recently participated in the ESL One NY open qualifiers and managed to advance to the main qualifiers.

New Champion Of The International TI5 Evil Geniuses (EG)

Evil Geniuses is the new champion of the International! They beat CDEC on the final match 3-1 and claimed the 6 million dollar prize! As a spectator,

Official DotA 6.83d Download - Dota 6.83d Map Download (Released)

DotA 6.83d Map has been released. The new map of DotA brings some critical new changes which were duly required. Few weeks back, there was a bug reported with Zet, Arc Warden which allow players to get have infinite GOLD in the game. As expected, the prominent factor of this version is the repair of  Arc Warden Bug. DotA 6.83d  release is focused towards making this version stable version so that players can use it in leagues and tournaments.

The Immortal Treasure 2 has Arrived! DotA 2

Even though it’s a little bit late, Valve finally released the Immortal Treasure 2 which contains 8 new gears. Each items will give you custom ability effects or attack animation of the equipped hero. The Compedium owner will receive an Immortal Treasure 2 and you can earn more by leveling up your 2015 Compedium. Can’t wait to see what they are? Check these out!

Disruptor: Resistive Pinfold
What can I say.. This is one my favorite custom effect in the Immortal Treasure 2. Awesome work Valve on this one! The Kinetic Field looks like an ultimate now with this custom effect.

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