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DotAzilla learns a new feature:-

Dear Dota-Throne users,
we have been monitoring SIG games and the overall DotA playstyle for a while. Lots of people use third party programs, assisting them in their daily DotA play.
A few of them are considered hacks and have major impact on the gameplay, giving blatant advantages to single players.
Other addons have proven to be useful, Examples are hotkey tools or the first programs that provided permanent health bars. Meanwhile, some of such changes made their way into the retail version of Warcraft 3 and Blizzards latest release, Starcraft 2.

Another third party program that is currently getting more and more popular is Mana bars. It takes valid information, the mana of visible heroes, and displays an additional blue bar below the health bar. It helps maintaining an overview about the nearby heroes mana.
Some say it is an advantage, some say it is not.  We decided to put a modified version of it into the latest DotAzilla version and make it available for everyone in order to keep the fairest play for everybody.
The upcoming version 1.2.0 of DotAzilla will contain an adaptation of the ManaBars utility with some modifications and fixes. It shows mana bars for yourself and your team mates. It is opt-in (see DZ settings) and can of course be enabled/disabled on the users demand.
Along with mana bars come many fixes, e.g. working !priv/pubrehost on Windows Vista/7, ability to display localized messages with diacritis ingame and more...

What is DotAzilla?

is Dota-Throne very own DotA helper tool, designed to enhance the user's playing experience by providing useful features and allowing advanced statistics generation.
is designed to be as easy as possible, just start it and forget it, it will discover Warcraft and SIGs automatically, no need for you to do anything. It can auto start Warcraft if you wish, so no extra click needed. It automatically updates itself, so you always have the latest features and improvements with you. It is unobtrusive, it will reside only as a tray icon most of the time and it uses almost no system resources, to not impact your playing experience besides its helping features.

Supported and tested platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Download DotAzilla NOW!
DotAzilla Setup (v1.1.9) (0.99 MB)
DotAzilla ZIP-Archive (v1.1.9) (1.13 MB)

Current version: 1.2.0 (DotAzilla will automatically update itself!) 
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