Official Warcraft 1.24c Patch Installation Guide (offline)

Official Warcraft 3 TFT 1.24c Patch Installation Guide using Patch File. Blizzard has released the latest Warcraft 1.24c Patch with several game fixes, updates and new maps. Players are upgrading to the latest patch so they can play online/offline without any problems. Most of the players don't have original copy of Warcraft so, they need to installWarcraft 3 v1.24c patch using offline upgrade file from Blizzard's FTP. Check the Warcraft 1.24c Patch offline installation guide.

Patch Download:
- Standalone 'Full' Upgrade Patch (recommended):
Download this patch, if you are upgrading from an older version.
War3TFT_124c_English.exe (mirror 1)
War3TFT_124c_English.exe (mirror 2)
War3TFT_124c_English.exe (mirror 3)

-Upgrade Patch:
If you are upgrading from v1.24b to v1.24c then download the upgrade file below:

War3TFT_124b_124c_English.exe (mirror 1)
War3TFT_124b_124c_English.exe (mirror 2)
War3TFT_124b_124c_English.exe (mirror 3)

Guide, How to install Warcraft 3 TFT v1.24c Patch using Installation file:

• Download Warcraft 1.24c patch upgrade file using the links given above.
• Run the patch file, you downloaded.
• You will be upgraded to the latest patch.

If you see any errors like "Registry error loading key 'Warcraft III\InstallPath''. This means you do not have Warcraft 3 registry entries, You can easily make it by reading this guide.

If you will have any problems or errors, you can post your problem here by using comment form. Related Posts with Thumbnails


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