Reconnecting to DotA Games after getting dropped - A Revolution Coming?

Disconnection in DotA games has always been a huge problems which ruins the game for the rest of the players but have you ever imagined reconnecting to dropped DotA games? Recently, IceFrog has blogged about the upcoming revolution of DotA Allstars. He mentioned about the possibility of a DotA Host Bot tool based on Ghost which will help users able to reconnect in disconnected DotA game like in Heroes of Newerth.

Quoting IceFrog 'Reconnting to Dropped DotA Games':
Varlock, the developer of the popular Ghost hosting bot, has done a successful concept test on this functionality and will work on implementing it for public use in the future. The technology is portable for Garena (or anything else in theory, if someone wants to port it) as well.

He wanted me to try to help him gauge interest level for his project. It would basically require the host to be using the tool on bnet, garena or any other hosting platform the feature is ported to. Any player that wants to be able to reconnect would have the custom reconnect tool running, but players who are not using the tool could still play in the samegames.

The exact time and schedule for its release is not defined yet. The main reason for this post is to help get him feedback so he can decide how much interest people have in it and consider his schedule accordingly. If you have any thoughts you want to share with him, you can respond here and I'll relay them to him or you can email him directly at

This Tool will immensely help DotA-Allstars players. Varlock, The developer of this tool has not disclosed any information about release, How it works but he is asking for feedback from theDotA Community.

Thanks to Varlock for his continued efforts in the DotA hosting scene.

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