Garena DotA Drop Hack (Ladder Win) v0.3d WORK Perfect on [25-Feb-2010]

Garena DotA DropHack (Ladder Alway Win)
Works 1.24D tested on 24/2/2010
Released 25/Feb/2010
It’s WORKING 100%
Working With Garena New Version
- Warcraft 3
- Garena any version including any mods.IT WORKS WITH GarenaM4ST3
1- Be sure that Garena and Warcraft are closed
2- Extract “Drop Hack v.3d.rar”
3- You will get 2 files Garena.exe and War3.exe
4- Garena.exe make the destination bath to your Garena folder
5- War3.exe make the destination bath to ur Warcraft folder

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