Garena Hack all in – Cracked 2x EXP v.18 v.16 v.15b [21/Feb/2010]

# Removes MH/CK detection
# EXP Hack
# Leave room while playing
# Remove 5 second wait
# Remove room full message
# Removes Warcraft protection, so your MH/CK will work properly
# Super Admin Hack – You will SEE yourself as a Super-Admin and SEE you own chat messages as purple
# Admin Menu Hack
# Name Spoofer (Name Change Hack) – It’s turned off by default. To turn it on, edit “nick.dat” file replacing its contents by your desired nickname. It will change you Warcraft nick. Other people will still see your original nick inside Garena.
# Ladder Show – Shows ladder details of everyone in-game even without gold member (when you are not the host)
# Auto Joiner (NEW)
v.12 – Graphical patcher included.
v.13 – Modification that makes GUI bigger. Also, added Auto-Hidde-Banners feature, AND added AutoJoiner feature, which is still bugged, so it’s disabled by default.
v.14 – Autojoiner feature enabled. Decreased time interval between joins and removed Server’s offline error message. GarenaM4ST3R.exe is now the GUI version. Use it, since it’s capable of turning off autojoin.
v.15b – Fixed Auto-Joiner so it should work on x64. DIDN’T TEST AT ALL. Removed CLI version for a while cause it’s incompatible with the new features.dat format. . Added A LOT of styles (GoldMember/ChannelAdmin/…). Choose the one you like better.
v.16 – Reworked AUTOJOINER. It should join a room quicker and with less bugs. This is the same version as GarenaM4ST3R15e.
v.18 – Namespoffer code included on features.dat.GDFG


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