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Capture Point Mode
 The DotA 6.67 has brought us a new fun mode called Capture point. In this mode, capture points are placed on the map and both teams (sentinel and scourge) can capture a certain point by staying there for a required time. If you successfully manage to capture a point then your team get rewards in form of HP/Mana Regen, Damage, Armor etc.READ MORE ...

Capturing Point is not an easy task, You must know everything about this mod in order to get started.

Here are the rules:

You can see the Capture Point replacement in the image below:

The Capture points in these colors represents the following bonuses.

Red = Speed
Blue = Combat
Orange = Regeneration
So guys that's all about the New Capture Point mode in DotA Allstars. This guide is still in beta, soon all the tricks, strategies & reviews will be posted on this page! Related Posts with Thumbnails


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