Dota 6.66b Fatal Error Exploit - Game Breaking Bug!

Dota 6.66b Fatal error
There has been a game breaking bug found in Dota 6.66b which can trigger Fatal error on every player's screen during a running game. It can be easily triggered by following some steps carefully. It can be even used to escape from a losing game. However, it is not easy to abuse this Fatal Error bug as you'll have to make some items mentioned in the following guide. Read More ...


The following items representing in the images are required:

Ring Of ProtectionSobi MaskAnimal 
CourierFlying Courier RecipeArmlet of
1. Buy an Animal Courier, spawn it.
3. Buy & give flying courier recipe to Animal Courier, make sure you don't use it.
2. Buy Ring Of Protection and drop it.
3. Buy a Sobi Mask and drop it.
4. Move your Courier a little bit away from you so you don't face problem doing next step
5. Now select Animal Courier, Hold [shift] (queue command), pick Ring Of Protection & Sobi Mask using [right click] and then immediately select the courier and upgrade the Animal Courier into Flying Courier using [left click] and release [shift].
6. If the step #4 goes perfectly, the Sobi Mask and Ring Of Protection both items you picked up using shift (queue command) will not form Ring Of Basilius.
7. Now, make Armlet On Mordiggian on your hero.
8. Give it to the Crow!
9. Now activate it :)
10. Bah.. A Fatal Error :@

After having so many bugs in DotA 6.66b like PitLord's Firestorm bug. We hope that IceFrog will soon come up with a solution releasing DotA 6.67 map, which he has mentioned before. Related Posts with Thumbnails



jajaja yo lo unico que se es que a mi no me aparece nunca mas ese error porque tengo un maphack por mi creado que no detecta el error cuando empieza o trascurre la partida jajaja son re petes ustedes y el que lee esto me la chupa y tienen que saber q me coji aller a sus madres en la noche xd

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