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DotA 6.67 AI is the upcoming map of BuffMePlz DotA AI series. This map will follow all the changes that have been done in the 6.67. A lots of fans who can't play online are looking forward to play/test DotA 6.67 AI. This map has no new heroes but items and some balancing, so we hope that BuffMePlz releases the Artificial Intelligence version of 6.67 soon. READ MORE...

Furthermore, You can check the update BuffMePlz posted on his blog before Dota 6.67 came out.

Quoting BuffMePlz on 22nd March:

Been pretty busy with work and stuff recently, haven't really done much on script development. Played a bit with some fun heroes though, we'll see if any of them make it in for the next version. =P

Don't see work letting up anytime soon for the next month and a half. Even if a new DotA version comes out before then I wouldn't expect a new AI version for a while. =/

Don't worry guys, The DotA Allstars 6.67 AI will be out soon. BuffMePlz will not disappoint us. You can subscribe to DotA-throne so we can notify you as soon as 6.67 DotA AI releases. Related Posts with Thumbnails


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