DotA 6.68 Preview Video Coming Soon!

In IceFrog’s latest blog he posted a new development update regarding the upcoming DotA 6.68. As we know, IceFrog is very keen to release a perfect balanced version along with the balanced heroes so, He asked for the suggestions from DotA community to help with him in this new version. He also mentioned that, he will come up with DoTA 6.68 Preview Video in which he will highlight the new content & changes which we will see in 6.68.

                Here is what IceFrog said in his own words:


I am still working hard on 6.68. We plan to release a preview video in the near future to showcase some of the new content. There are quite a few new heroes in development so we are taking extra time to make sure they are high quality. There will also be balance work done for the current content as well various other improvements and features.
If there is anything you’d like to see in the next patch, please let me know.
So guys, It looks like IceFrog wants to come with a complete and balanced version and of course new stuff (Heroes, Items, Cosmetics etc.). Be ready to experience something new in DotA 6.68, Preview video is coming soon! Related Posts with Thumbnails


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