DotA Allstars Maps v6.67b Rev2 AI by Harreke

Any maps created that are 6.62 and into the future will require the Warcraft 3 patch 1.24e or later. This is because of a massive coding change that required most of the map code to be re-written. Unfortunately this means any earlier versions of Warcraft 3 will not be able play the new map nor ai map

[GUIDE] All about 1.24e

For old AI maps, visit BMP's thread here.


6.67b (v06/11/2010)
Bugs fixed:
- Spirit Breaker's Charge of Darkness causes target suicide and then becomes invulnerable.
- Sacred Warrior's Inner Vitality heals instantly .
- Double Click Scroll of Town Portal doesn't go back to fountain.
- Puck's Aghanism doesn't work.
- Goblin Techies doesn't gain XP when kill emey heroes by Land Mines or Remote Mines.
- Other slightly errors.

6.67b (v06/07/2010)
- Heroes and items were updated from BuffMePlz's 6.66b AI.

The following game modes have been disabled for now:
-vr, -rv, -rd, -cd, -cm, -lm, -xl

The following game commands have been disabled for now:
-afk, -kickafk, -ah, -switch, -fun

Please report bugs to me.

Things that are bugs:
-Crashes with reproducible reasons
-Abilities/items not working as expected (for players or bots)

Things that are not bugs:
-Bots not using certain abilities
-Bots being too strong/weak/cheating. They do that.


Magnus, Nerubian Weaver and Bone Fletcher have some skill modifications, so AI player cannot use their new skills, too. Please use -repick to make AI player choose another hero.

Known bug:
- Scroll of Town Portal's mechanism didn't change to 6.67b.
- Enemy AI hero might be stuck to the summoned unit of Treant Protector's skill Forest Sentinel.

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