Dota Tool Kit by Crisgon (DTK)

Hey guys, after some long hours working on this i finally decided to share my tool on

I bringing to you the "Dota Tool Kit" by crisgon, im going to put some pictures later.


-Mouse Wheel
-Skills , Selfcast and Autocast

-A quick and easy customkey generator

-Hability helpers for invoker and meepo
-Macro hability Work in Progress (need some ideas for this feature i have some but i want to know what you'll like to see here)

-Send messages
-Quick launch
-Some configurations for wc3 (widescreen adjustment, improve of fps , wc3 path , healthbars, use of customkeys)
-Run wc3 on window with mouse capturer
-A quick explanation of my tool features

I'll update customkeys with every release of the Oficial Dota Version
See the ReadMe file for more info on using this features

If you got some suggestions , bugs or troubles with any function let me know by posting on this thread.

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