GarenaMaster v32.04 - Released! [06/24/2010]

Version: 32.04 - [2010/06/24]
 - Many improvement on "User Search":
- Added exp percent after level.
- Fixed exp reaming
- reworked Client EXP:
- Added Client EXP: current exp / needed exp
- removed League Exp, useless...
- Many bugfix/improvement related on formula calculation
- Many bugfix related to GarenaMaster/Warcraft:
- Fixed Rune notifier that are not working after security improvement.
- Fixed DelayOn value that are not loading after skin change.
- Fixed Custom LagOn that are not working after change from file to registry
- Fixed Host Hack That are not working after security improvement.
- "User Check" renamed to "User Spy"

- PS: If you get this error: HTTP/1.1 404 Undescribed. | this is because of php error
on Garena Forum, just press ENTER to try again

Download link:
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