Dota 6.68 New Gold System. Preview #1 Aggression

IceFrog has just made a new post about the Dota 6.68 preview today. On his latest post, he is introduce a new gold system for the next Dota version. Currently, we will lose certain amount of gold if our hero died. This thing force us to act carefully and think twice before try to kill a hero with the risk of our own death and losing our gold. To prevent this, IceFrog made a new gold system.

The new gold system divide the gold into two parts:
"Reliable Gold" - Any bounty you get from hero kills or from the extra "aoe kill gold" bonus (feature from few patches ago) is added to your Reliable Gold pool.
"Unreliable Gold" - It is everything else (creep kills, neutrals, etc).

With the new system, we're only losing the money from the Unreliable Gold when our hero died. And when we're buying something, our Unreliable Gold will be used first before using our Reliable Gold. This new mechanism will encourage us to get the gold from killing heroes rather than getting it from creeps.

As on the picture above, you can check your Reliable Gold on our scoreboard title (410 gold) while our total gold is still on the same place (910 gold). From that data, you can count that our Unreliable Gold is 500 gold.

Wow, the new concept is epic and i'm amazed how IceFrog can propose such a thing. Of course this experimental idea may be adjusted and tweaked over time depending on feedback and results after it is released. What do you think guys? Do you like this new concept? Share your thought here! :) Related Posts with Thumbnails





Triple Kill!!! Cant wait for it!!! Please release it now!!!

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