Dota 6.68 Prediction - No Phoenix?

Well, as the title said, this post is my Dota 6.68 prediction :) You can also participate by telling me what you know based on the Preview #1, Preview #2 and Preview Video.

1. There will be at least 4 new heroes. The Wisp, Thrall, Gyrocopter and Gnoll Warden. (Preview Video)
2. Phoenix, which is the most anticipated hero on Dota 6.68, is somehow not showed on the Dota 6.68 trailer. This could mean that Icarus is not yet ready for the Dota 6.68 and maybe put on the next version. But there's also a possibility that Ice just doesn't want to show him on the trailer. Let the time answer that. (Preview Video)

3. At least 1 new item, which is the Orb of Venom. (Preview #2)
4. Tiny's Aghanim will let him take the tree and maybe increase his range. (Preview Video and Preview #2)
5. Kinetic Field is Thrall's skill which makes heroes trapped on the circle. (Preview Video and Preview #2)

6. Warlock's Aghanim will let him summon multiple Golems? Still unsure about this. (Preview Video)
7. New Skeleton King Vampiric's Aura. The cosmetics is changed, but no information about the effect. (Preview Video)
8. New Captain Mode (Preview #2)
9. New Gold System  (Preview #1)
10. New Cosmetics for Puck's Aghanim (Preview Video)
11. The Wisp have a kinda Teleport skill which allow to teleport a hero with him. (Preview Video)
12. The Gyrocopter has missiles as his skills. He is mech-themed hero just like Tinker. (Preview Video)
13. The Gnoll can levitate a hero with purple circle. Or maybe he gain something from enemy heroes death. (Preview Video)
14. ...

Wanna help me add the list? ;)
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