Dota 6.68 Will Get 5-6 Heroes Instead?!

IceFrog has yet make another comment that teases us with excitement. A while ago, i already make a guess that there will be 3 heroes added on the Dota 6.68. But now, after reading the IceFrog comment, there's possibility that there will be 5-6 new heroes instead! IceFrog posted it on a thread which show us what happen if we pick all the heroes at the same time (picture above). See the IceFrog comment on the image below :)

Damn! If it's not because of the World Cup 2010, maybe i can't hardly wait for the day Dota 6.68 released. Come on Ice, at least release the preview video please.. @_@

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Dammit!.. Can't wait for the release of the video/map.. xD


nice picture
love it :D

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