[DotA iPhone App] [DotA Pro] now available!

DotA Pro , THE best iPhone App built by and built for DotA players , rated 5 stars on App Store.

English Version Now Available at App Store:

Unlike those low quality apps on App Store, we proudly present you the following features that help you rock in PUB or CW:
Hero Stats, Hero Guide, Skill Details, Item Recipe, Skill Hints and Guides, Hero Analysis, Team Build Analysis, 6.68c Change-log, RSS feed from gosugamer.com and many more!

Compared with all other DotA apps, DotA Pro excel in :

* Latest data from DotA 6.68c, in sync with Ice Frog's blog.
* In-depth analysis and guide for almost ALL HEROES and ALL SKILLS.
* Item Recipe that links both components and upgrades with smooth switching.
* Team Build Analysis tool to pick the best cast of your own!
* Amazing animation for heroes!
* Detailed 6.68c-6.67c Change-log and RSS feed to keep you updated!

We bet you find it worth every peny, all 99 of them

Here are some screenshots:

Hero Simulator - Adjust level to see HP/MANA/DAMAGE/DPS/ARMOR stats change!

Hero Guide - Hot Hero Animation with amazing guides for all 100 heores!

Skill Guide - Detailed analysis of all 400+ skills to help you master the essence of each!

Team Analysis - Handy tool to check what you got and what you need in your team builde!

This is NO AD, just a reminder for DotA players who happen to have an iPhone. We want to spread DotA to more people by building this app! 0.99 USD is for compensating the 100+ hrs hard work inputting all those data within DotA (there are nearly 2MB of them)....
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