NEw Dota Inventory Key By Niss3 Keys


The only thing this program does is remapping numpad keys so you can use items easily without moving your left hand.

It's small, easy, addictive and really handy!

It's simple, just press and hold ALT, then press the inventory key of your choise.

ALT + Q = Inventory slot 1 (Numpad 7)
ALT + W = Inventory slot 2 (Numpad 8)
ALT + A = Inventory slot 3 (Numpad 4)
ALT + S = Inventory slot 4 (Numpad 5)
ALT + Z = Inventory slot 5 (Numpad 1)
ALT + X = Inventory slot 6 (Numpad 2)


This program was made by Autohotkeys and only contains 6 simple remapped keys.


 File Type: zip (207.3 KB)
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good work DT


Haha ^^ It's funny to see this here :)

Version 2.0 have a simple shop keys as as another simple level up ability key. I need someone with english/american keyboard layout to help out with beta-testing it. Message me at if you're interested in helping out! Thanks!

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