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Dota 6.69c Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.6bc Official Map has just came out. It seems there still some important bugs on the DotA 6.69b and IceFrog decide to release another patch to fixed it. Looks like IceFrog is aiming another stable map. Check out below for the DotA 6.69c changelogs and download links. he addressed some major bugs such as Syllabear, Linken Sphere & Manta Style bug . Dota 6.69c Map is likely to be a stable release and may be considered in leagues and tournament matches.

Dota 6.69c Changelogs:
Fixed a few bugs

This is just a small bug fix patch. I am still actively working on DotA 6.70, just wanted to get some bugs fixed for the current version.

Dota 6.69c Download Link:
Dota 6.69c DownloadGameWebZ Mirror
Dota 6.69c DownloadGetDota Mirror 
Dota 6.69c DownloadHotFile  Mirror RAR
Dota 6.69c Download -  2Shared  Mirror

Well, sure it will great to have another stable map, especially for the competitive scene. Hope this map will be a stable one soon. Enjoy

Let's hope this map remains a bug free update. So, IceFrog can work further on DotA 2 along with DotA 6.70.! 


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