Strategy: The Far Seer

Reading this suggests you have familiarized yourself with how the Far Seer’s spells work in practice. My aim when writing this was to combine both non-debatable and still intriguing information such as some advanced mechanics with my personal opinion and prediction on how the hero should and probably would be played. Enjoy reading. 

General overview:-

Base STR - 19
Base AGI - 15
Base INT - 22
Base stats total - 56
Final stats total - 178.8
STR gain per level - 1.9
AGI gain per level - 1.4
INT gain per level - 2.5
Total stats gain per level - 5.8
Starting damage - 49-53
Movement speed - 300
Attack range - 600
Base attack speed - 1.7
Missile speed - 1200
Sight range at night - 800

Thrall has a slightly above average stat gain of 5.8 in total per level. Actually, almost all of this hero’s specifics can be described as “slightly above average” and standard with his movement speed of 300, attack range of 600, starting damage of 49-53 and base attack time of 1.7. The only really sub-par thing about the former Orc gladiator is his starting armor of 1.

Rating: 6/10
Stats-wise, Thrall is a pretty standard hero, with no particular weaknesses and advantages.
Spells overview:-

Thunder Strike

A combination between Dark Seer’s Ion Shell and Lich’s Frost Nova, Thunder Strike’s strong point is the guaranteed 375 damage, which makes it the strongest unit-targettable non-ultimate nuke in the game. A slight drawback is that any form of invisibility exercised by the targeted hero negates the spell’s effect. Obviously, this spell reaches its full potential when used together with a skill, which brings enemies closer to each other e.g. Kinetic Field, Vaccuum, Black Hole.


The crème de la crème of Far Seer’s skills, Glimpse is an extraordinary spell due to the same reasons Wisp’s Tether is – great versatility and applicable in a wide range of situations. However, it is balanced by enemy units being the only allowed targets as this lowers its usefulness a bit. Glimpse is one of, if not, the best skill for catching chasing heroes and making the battle 4v5 before it even starts. In usage, it is similar to X Marks the Spot, albeit, it is a bit harder to use properly as you do not have a visual indicator of where the enemy would be returned to. The spell’s travel time is the distance between Thrall and the target divided by 600, with the maximum being 1.8.

For example, you cast the spell from 1600 range -> the travel time is 1600/600 = 2,67, which is then converted to 1.8 seconds as this is the cap value.
Example #2, you cast the spell from 800 range -> the travel time is 800/600 = 1,33 seconds.

In other words, if the target is less than 1080 range from you, the smaller the distance, the faster the travel time. If the number is between 1080-1800(max range at level 4), travel time is 1.8 seconds.

Kinetic Field

Another spell, orientated towards position manipulation, Kinetic Field also has tons of uses, for example, isolating or gathering together hero(es) and the many possible executions this ability allows for. I can compare it with greater success to Pit Lord’s Pit of Malice rather than to Enigma's Black Hole, though with smaller AoE and working in a slightly different way than the former. Yet again, a seemingly imbalanced spell is justified as being normal by its casting time of 1.2 and the many ways you can counter it. Any triggered movement command, for example, Leap, Skewer, Blink, Force Staff, which sets your movement speed to 550 or above would allow you to breach through the field’s walls. Another way to put - any spell moving the target more than 11.0 distance over 0.02 seconds would allow him or her to move in/out of the field. You can also put enemy heroes directly inside the spell’s AoE using spells like Toss, Swap and Blink Strike. Also, Kinetic Field allows you to block a lot of the ramps and choke points in DotA, including the entrance to Roshan’s Lair.

Static Storm

Let’s start with some clarification about how this spell actually works. The total damage is 446.25/551.25/656.25 over 5 seconds. The damage increases smoothly every 0.25 seconds, dealing a total of 20ticks”. This is how it is calculated: 

  We can see that the spell deals rather negligible damage the first couple of seconds after being casted; however, the silence effect lasts during the whole 5 seconds. Overall, the spell deals good but not great damage, but Static Storm itself is a great spell to initiate a fight with. Moreover, the combination of Glimpse/Kinetic Field allows you to increase the spell’s potential much more. For example, you can initiate a fight on a single unit with Static Storm (and it will not be considered a huge waste as the spell’s cooldown is just 60 seconds), use Kinetic immediately (though you will have to consider it’s casting time) and in the end, return the unit to take the Storm’s harshest last blows. I know strats like this one sound better in theory than in practice, but still Static Storm is an omnipotent spell, with greatly variable power, based on whether you and your allies cast their spells correctly. What I said about Lightning Strike also fully applies here: “this spell reaches its full potential when used together with a skill, which brings enemies closer to each other e.g. Kinetic Field, Vacuum, Black Hole” and other big AoE spells, which disable/stun enemies. Just a note, a particularly good combo which comes to mind is Puck/Far Seer.

~ bonus picture
Rating: 8/10
Thrall’s spells are powerful both individually and when used together in their implied combo. His spells are able to counter a wide amount of heroes, however, both Kinetic Field and Static Storm require precision when placing them and do not work good just on their own [plug]more about that in the Synergy section[/plug]. Similar to Kunka’s combo, Far Seer’s require some effort and practice in using them up to their fullest potential.

Solo laning
Solo laning with Thrall is similar to doing the same with Clockwerk - you should dedicate a lot, if not most of your time towards ganging, Just a single point in Glimpse invested early guarantees a sure kill every 60 seconds; Kinetic Field's disable of 2.5 seconds at level one is also sufficient early game. This way you can max out your nuke, which is a great step towards the successful gang. He falls behind a bit in terms of lane control, but his ganging potential makes Thrall a viable hero for soloing mid. He is decent at side-laning; however, this nullifies the possible impact he would cause in the game if laned middle.

Dual laning
Thrall is best laned with a stunner or a slower that has a high DPS potential early in the game; however, the power of Thrall is best utilized when his lanemate's stun/slow is targetable. Combining a high-damage nuke with abilities that prevent the target from escaping, the Far Seer is the perfect lanemate for quite a large number of heroes.

Triple laning
Triple laning with Thrall is quite hard, if not impossible to mess up. His Kinetic Field is able to trap enemies for 2.5 seconds on level 1, which is one of the longest pseudo-disables this early in the game, if not the longest. Coupled with another stunner and a carry like morph/drow, the Far Seer can really own the opposing lane quite hard. However, he still needs leveling for his spells to be useful, so triple laning him might not be the best idea.

Thrall is not a good roaming hero, since he does not have a targetable stun. That is to say, he needs levels badly in order for him to reach his full potential. By having a stun on either lane, the Far Seer can really hurt the opposition by unleashing his deadly combo on multiple enemies. Runes do not help him as much as, for example, a SF, but they are still useful for ganking on either sidelane.

Early/Mid/Late game presence
Early Game: Thrall's early game is characterized by his field and nuke. As I have already mentioned, his Thunder Strike is the strongest non-pure damage nuke in the game. The fact that it also damages enemies near the target makes it even more powerful, since it can become essentially a multi-target Lightning Bolt. When Thrall hits level 6, it's time to push and seek 5x5 battles. By chaining his spells, the Far Seer can easily win a small skirmish by himself, leaving his allies to clean up the enemy heroes.

Mid Game: Mid game is usually the time when teams start ganking in numbers and pushing upon a successful gank. Thrall is the perfect mix between a ganker and a pusher: a hero just as strong in team battles as he is in small skirmishes. Glimpse allows him to return the target even if he had anticipated the gank and went back shortly before the Far Seer and his mates came. With the annoying cast range of 1800, Glimpse is one of the most effective (and annoying) spells in the .68c metagame.

Late Game: Late game is not really Thrall's time to shine. His spells make him beg his teammates to finish the game before the dreaded 16th level mark. However, his silence and pseudo-disable are still useful if used correctly, along with Glimpse being a powerful chasing tool.

Suggested item build

Mekansm should be a core item of Thrall's, for his low armor and HP, along with his annoying spells make him an ideal target in a teamfight. Also, Arcane Boots are a great boost to Thrall's mana pool, since his spells are quite demanding, each of them coming close and topping 100 mana per use. Urn of Shadows is a great asset to every team. Buy this item if there is no WD in your team, as you should participate actively in ganking the enemy heroes. This item also provide a bit of survivability for our low-HP hero. Finally, Force Staff is another team item that works great with Thrall, making him even more obnoxious for the ability to escape through cliffs and push enemies towards his allies.

 Unless laned middle, Thrall should be the one buying a crow and wards for his team. His abilities should ensure him some easy cash, while if played safely, he can be quite hard to kill.

All of the three are pretty much luxury items on Thrall. Hex is still the best item-bought disable in the game, adding a bit of survivability as well as a great mana pool and regen. Necronomicon synergizes well with the long duration of Kinetic Field and is another team-oriented item. Linken's Sphere is gotten to prevent strong single-target spells, such as Hex, Doom, Omnislash, etc. if need be

Ghost Scepter is a cheap, yet effective way of countering those pesky late game carries that are sure to give Thrall some trouble after the 40th minute mark, while Ethereal Blade can help actually shut them down and help the Far Seer land his combo.

Always hold a TP scroll in your inventory, as it can prove invaluable for its cost, as it provides you with a mean to countergank and turn the tables on your opponents.

Feel free to get other items if necessary. These are just the basic items that I think would be most beneficial for Thrall.


Thrall easily synergizes with most of the heroes in DotA. Of course, his best buddies are AoE disablers, such as
Rogue Knight Dark Seer Warlock Faceless Void Tidehunter Magnataur Enigma

Other heroes that benefit from Thrall's abilities are supports and carries that usually go on a dual/trilane:
Vengeful Spirit Demon Witch Slithereen Guard Shadow Shaman Witch Doctor Morphling Earthshaker Alchemist

Admiral Proudmoore - the Admiral/Thrall combo is especially pesky, as with X and Glimpse, you can return your target a total of two times, making a kill almost too easy.

Kinetic Field's power of keeping the enemy in a certain zone works quite well with the likes of
Sand King Shadow Fiend Juggernaut Axe Ancient Apparition Ursa Warrior Pit Lord

 Replay 1
 You know him, you love him, you can't live without him, the amazing Kuroky is here to present you one of the four new heroes in .68. As you will see during the replay, kky- opts for a different Far Seer build, getting Refresher over anything else. Will this expensive item be effective on Thrall and can it beat Dendi_the_Superman?

Replay 2
In this game Thrall is played by a less known, though still strong player from France, Ph0eniix. Part of the Tribal team, he is sure to bring you an amazing Far Seer. However, the Sentinel team boasts the super-swanky-Swedish-sf played by Sir Sacraloth: can Dendi and co. cook up something to battle this menace?

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