Window Mouse Capturer

WMC is an extended version of Warcraft III Mouse Capture.
It allows you to lock the mouse within a specified window (not just limited to Warcraft III).

The primary use of this program is to have a game (in window mode) on one monitor and applications such as IM and internet browser on another.
Without WMC if you move your mouse to the edge of the screen while playing your game, your mouse will just leave the game. You wont be able to aim! 

I wrote this program awhile ago when i use to have dual screens. I would have Warcraft 3 on one screen and MSN/etc on another.

To play W3 and be able to use both screens you need to play in window mode. When playing in window mode if you move your mouse to the edge of the window your mouse would just exit the game. This means you cant scroll to move the screen.

Using WMC will allow you to lock your mouse within the W3 window and quickly unlock it so you can move your mouse to other windows (using alt-tab or unlocking the window).

I no longer use dual screens but i still play in window mode. I like to chat on MSN so i like to know when i get new messages.

Some people alt-tab to minimize W3 and thier computer lags for a brief moment (i think its due to low ram). This may solve that problem because you dont have to alt-tab anymore, however you may lose a few FPS (if you run an up to date system i wouldnt worry).

This program is compatible with any window.



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