Blizzcon - Blizzard DotA for StarCraft 2 Announced

After having so many DotA Genre games like League of Legends, Heroes Of Newerth and Valve's work on Dota 2. The pc games gaint Blizzard's has announced 4 new maps for StarCraft 2 on the opening day of blizzcon 2010. surprisingly, Blizzard's DotA was one of it. Blizzard developers said that StarCraft 2  DotA wiil be based on warcraft 3 DotA by IceForg. all the heroes , items, farming even the whole gameplay style will be implemented in the upcoming Blizzard's DotA. 

Blizzard DotA: 

       Wage war with the most powerful heroes form Blizzard Entertainmant's game universes in this explosive new multiplayer game. 

blizzard's greatest heroes have been drawn from their  respective universes to do battle on a chess- themed battleground. You contral a hero and must level up, Buy items, and work together with your teammates to defeat waves of units and ultimately destory the opposing team's King Tower 

Blizzard DotA map For Starcraft will be released in near future via It will be free for everyone who owns a copy of StarCraft 2 . till now, We can predict that Blizzard DotA is more likely to be a sci-fi oriented DotA . blizzard is updating StarCraft 2 engine, map editor and  continuously adding features so it can support the Blizzard DotA.

Blizzard has not announced any offcial StarCraft 2 DotA release Date yet but it is expected be released in near  future. Also, Valve is Coming up with Dota 2 in 2011. Do you think that Blizzard DotA will be good enough to Beat DotA 2 ? share your reviews Via comments 

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