Dota 6.69 | Ice Forg is Near Finish Dota 6.69 (Update)

 Good news guys! IceFrog has just made a new post and tell us that the DotA 6.69 is nearing completion. The DotA Fan that New Patch is about to release soon . Icarus the Phoenix "Sexy Fire Hero" is Boss in This map.As we covered before, DotA 6.69 will include a quest and new loadscreen. Other than that, it will mainly contain balance and gameplay improvements. The new contents will be saved for DotA 6.70. Check out what he said:

The update is nearing completion. It took a little longer than anticipated, but it should be ready soon. The primary focus of this patch is to provide overall balance and gameplay improvements, while the follow-up content for 6.70 is still being developed. Of course you can still expect the traditional .x9 quest to be included!

I plan to release this within a week or two to provide some time before the start of some big tournaments in the following months. "

Wohoooo, i bet the DotA 6.69 quest will have Icarus the Phoenix as the boss. But that post also could mean that the Phoenix will be added on the DotA 6.70 instead of 6.69. Oh well, that the tradition anyway. So, sit tight guys, another update will coming soon! And yeah, maybe it's time to change our wallpaper with the upcoming loading screen ;)

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wow at last Ice Forg Thx

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