Dota 6.69 Secret, Hidden Quest and Easter Egg

This post will cover anything about the Dota 6.69 Quest, Secret, Hidden Quest and Easter Egg.

To finish the quest, you must destroy the PreRune, the red Runes and then kill all the IceFrogs. You need Gem to kill the IceFrogs.

Rune #1 -
Quote:There's an invisible killable IceFrog near top rune.

Rune #2 -
Quote:There's one near the Prerune too + another Sentinel bottom pullable camp

Rune #3 -
Quote:Another one at the spawn point of sentinel, bottom lane. next to the sea/waterfall

Rune #4 -
Quote:Another one on sentinel's base, next Hunter's Hall, among the trees.

Rune #5 -
Quote:Number 5 on the sentinels mid lane mid leveled creeps point. Behind the statue.

Rune #6 -
Quote:Its behind the creeps near the fifth one.

Rune #7 -
Quote:Number 7 scrourge bottom lane. At the spawn point of creeps a bit to the left.

Rune #8 -
Quote:Number 8 where the scrourge lower lever creeps

Rune #9 -
Quote:Number 9 inside the sentinel base below the Hunter's Hall

After you got them all, prepare to fight the Phoenix and get a cool item.

Will update with more information soon.

Credits: s.ops_Freak

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