Dota Allstar 6.68c Al Plus Map Download | DotA 6.68c AI Map

DotA 6.68c AI is the UpComing DotA Ai map which is under  Development process and expected to release very soon. Harreke & PleaseBugMeNot are currently working on DotA v6.68c Ai Project Herreke is developing his own Ai script and PleaseBugMeNot is Following BMP's AI Script .So there may be two Versions Of 6.58c Ai This time.

PleaseBugMeNot: Update # 1:

And here is the test of the Eredar, Shadow Demon. All skills working.
Gyrocopter and Thrall are already working.I can say the waiting for 6.68 was worth it.. very nice heroes. Congratz, IceFrog!

"The next work on the list is... making item recipes work... Without that fix.. the map will be unplayable... sooo fingers crossed."


PleaseBugMeNot: Update # 2:

Yay. Kaldr is a beast. My new DagonFinish check works pretty good... mwahhh. After release make sure u test a game... vs Demon Witch, Kaldr, NA, Pugna and maybe OD or anyone else with a Dagon :P
That`ll prolly rock your socks lol.
My friends will leave DotA after i introduce them to TEAM DAGON lol.

PS. Tell me what u think about Kaldr, Ancient Apparition and are you sorry that he got nerfed in 6.68c.
PS2. Btw that screen means i fixed the items and recipes assembling!

AnyWay, This post is Created for DotA Allstars 6.68c AI Plus Map. It will Cover all The News And UpDates of this AI Maps. (Dota-Throne)
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