Ancient Of Wonders"Animal Courier"


Animal Courier

Creates a small fast unit that can carry items to and from your base. If it dies the items will fall to the ground.

1 charge

Summon Animal Courier
Summons an Animal Courier to carry items for you
Animal Courier is not affected by most spells
Items an Animal Courier is carrying will drop to the ground if it dies
Costs 5 mana
Full stats for the Animal Courier can be found at the Unit Statistic

Unit Statistic
[n00I/n021/n022/n023/n024/n025/n00M/n0HV/n0KY/n0KZ/n0L0/n0L1/n0LE] Chicken/Penguin/Raccoon/Carrion Beetle/Dune Worm/Fel Boar/Mini Pudge/Mini Techie/Crab/Seal/Skink/Dog/Rabbit
Level: 0 (0 experience)
HP: 45
HP regen: 0.5
Mana: -
Mana regen: -
Damage: -
Armor: 0 (Medium)
Mspd: -
BAT: -
Missile speed: -
Damage point/backswing: -
Casting point/backswing: 0.0/0.51
Vision day/night: 350/350
Acquisition range: -
Type: Ancient, Peon
Bounty: 15
Hand of Midas: -
[A1AS] Return Home - Orders the courier to return to the fountain, 2 second cooldown.
[h085] Transfer Items - Orders the courier to give you your items then return home, 1 second cooldown.
[h0BV] Collect Your Items - Orders the courier to pick up your items and drop other items in their owner's circle of power. Only works in the fountain area, 1 second cooldown.
[A138] Drop Items - 3 second cooldown.
[A1RF] Disassemble
[A0OT] Change Courier Type - 0.05 second cooldown, Chicken->Penguin->Raccoon->Crab->Seal->Skink->Dog->Dune Worm->Carrion Beetle->Fel Boar->Rabbit->Chicken, Mini Pudge->Mini Techie->Chicken, 10% chance of Mini Pudge any time it is cast.
[A0GD] Flying Courier Morph - 5 second cooldown.
[A04R] Marker
[Aeth] Ghost
[AInv] Inventory - 6 slots.

Summon Animal Courier (active)

Flying Courier (370)
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