Arcane Stanctum"Guinsoo's Scythe Of Vyse"


Guinsoo's Scythe Of Vyse

ITEM INFORMATION:-Guinsoo's flaming staff that he uses to turn people into sheep on a whim.

Turns a target unit into a sheep
Hex disables damage block and evasion, and reduces the units base movement speed to 100
Affected unit retains its normal health, mana, armor value, and armor type
If cast on an illusion, it is immediately destroyed
Lasts 3.5 seconds, costs 100 mana, has a 35 second cooldown, and an 800 cast range

+35 Intelligence
+10 Strength
+10 Agility
+200% mana regeneration
Hex (active)


 Void Stone (875)
 Mystic Staff (2700)
Ultimate Orb (2100)
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