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Tired with all the tense when playing DotA? Take a break and test your DotA knowledge. This unique map is developed by Nothing, a fellow member of PlayDota. On this map, you are playing a quiz. The Quiz Maker will throw a random question about DotA and the fastest player with right answer will got a point. If you give the wrong answer, you will be muted and cannot answer for 3 seconds. The interesting thing is you can gain 1 gold for each right answer. And you can spend those gold to cast some skill to the another player.

How to Play :

1. Host types the modes and commands first

2. Host types -start to start the quiz

3. There will be questions given. Answer it by pressing Y and N

4. If you're correct, you'll get points and gold. Then proceed to next question. Thus, only first one to answer it correctly will get he point and gold.

5. If you're incorrect, you'll get muted for 3 seconds. You are unable to answer while muted

6. If time is up and nobody answered it correctly, it'll just go to next question.

7. You can use some skills with the gold you gained (though disabled in -ng mode)

8. The first one to achieve the scores set by host will win the game (default is 10)

Download Link:

DotA Quiz v0.8 via 2Shared

Russian version :
Enjoy the map and share your impression here :)
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