Enchanted Artifacts"Mjollnir"



ITEM INFORMATION:-Thor's magical hammer, made for him by the dwarfs Brok and Eitri.
Can be disassembled.

Static Charge
Places a charged shield on a target unit, when that unit is damaged, there is a 20% chance that lightning will strike the source of the damage and 2 nearby enemies
Lightning deals 200 damage, the damage source and secondary targets cannot be more than 900 range away, the 3 targets hit must be in a cone with 125 starting AoE, 900 distance and 300 final AoE
Cannot trigger more than once per second
Will have no effect if cast on a unit that already has a Static Charge active on it
Double clicking on the item will cast Static Charge on yourself
Lasts 20 seconds, costs 50 mana, has a 35 second cooldown, and 600 cast range

Chain Lightning
Gives a 25% chance on attack to release a Chain Lightning that hits several units
Hits 4 units, dealing 160 damage to each, 500 bounce range
Orb effect on regular attacks, orb effect and buff placer on proc

+70 attack speed
+24 damage
Static Charge (active)
Chain Lightning (passive)


Hyperstone (2100) 

 Maelstrom (2900)

Mjollnir (400) 

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