Gateway Relics"Hand Of Midas"


Hand Of Midas

ITEM INFORMATION:-Preserved through unknown magical means, the Hand of Midas still retains much of its original potency.


Kills a target non-hero non-ancient unit, giving bonus gold and experience
Gives 1.5 times the unit's normal experience as additional bonus experience
Gives the unit's normal bounty twice, as well as an additional gold bonus that varies from unit to unit
Transmute gold ranges are viewable in the Unit Statistics guide
Costs 25 mana and has a 100 second cooldown
Unit Statistics
This guide is an attempt to list important statistics for every non-hero non-dummy unit in the game. This guide does not contain much trigger information, or information about the abilities used to summon some units. It does, however, have some trigger information, such as that regarding creep spawning and upgrading, and spawn/upgrade triggers related to Roshan.

The guide is divided into 9 sections, Lane Creeps, Super Creeps, Normal Neutral Creeps, Ancient Neutral Creeps, Roshan, Summons, Towers, Other Buildings, and Miscellaneous Units. Some sections start with notes regarding the units in that section.

To maintain consistency throughout the guide, a single stat table is used for all types of units, although a few fields (Ability and Upgrade) are added on some units.

Explanation of the stat block
[Unit ID] Unit name (Additional information so you can tell what unit it refers to)
Level: The unit's level and the amount of experience it gives
HP: The amount of base health the unit has
HP regen: The amount of base health regeneration the unit has
Mana: The amount of base starting/max mana the unit has
Mana regen: The amount of base mana regeneration the unit has
Damage: Range of damage, damage type, and attack range
Armor: Amount and type of armor
Mspd: The base movement speed of the unit
BAT: The Base Attack Time of the unit
Missile speed: The speed the unit's projectiles move at (for ranged attacks)
Damage point/backswing: The animation time before and after attacks
Casting point/backswing: The animation time before and after casting spells
Vision day/night: Unit's sight range at day and night
Acquisition range: The range at which the unit "notices" other units to attack.
Type: Any unit types that are set in the editor (Ancient, Summoned, Ward, etc)
Bounty: Range of gold values given from bounty (between parenthesis, how this is determined, to give more accurate probabilities : XdY means "roll X dice with Y faces")
Hand of Midas: Range of gold values given from Hand of Midas (Hand of Midas gives: 2 * bounty + 0.4 * unit's gold cost)

+30 attack speed
Transmute (active)


 Gloves of Haste (500)

Hand of Midas (1400)

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