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LWT Dota - Lescos Warcraft Toolkit Dota, A complete guide on how to use LWT Dota - Lescos Warcraft Toolkit Dota, what it is and how to use it and from where can i get LWT Dota - Lescos Warcraft Dota Toolkit ?
Are you using Warkeys only because of the Inventory hotkeys? Or are you using them because you want to remap the rest of the spells hotkeys as well?
The inventory is easily remapped by a much simpler, easier-to-use program called LWT - Lescos Warcraft ToolKit.
What is LWT - Lescos Warcraft ToolKit
Hot key your inventory items! Show HP bars without pressing alt all the time. Deactivate the windows key.

Monitor other users online. Ping servers. Fix your War3 registry entries.
Using it is ridiculously easy. Just open the program, go to the 'Inventory-hotkeys' tab, and then remap your hotkeys as you see fit.

The program has a very intuitive interface and is very, very user-friendly. Don't worry about learning how to use it, it's as simple as clicking 'activate'. Doesn't matter whether you had warcraft open beforehand or if you've yet to start it.

*Note* LWT affects your keyboard out-of game as well. Like for instance, if you hotkey inventory #1 to the 'F' key, you'll see your F key being replaced by numpad 7. I.e if you type 'WTF' it'll come up as 'WT7".

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