Dota 6.69c Fun Map | Dota 6.69c Fun Map (More commands)

Reggie and GarenaMaster Develop DotA 6.69c Fun Map  This Map is basically a modified DotA Map to have more commands that work in Lan. And ever wanted to control Roshan and any way move in Map.

Ever Wanted To Control Roshan:

What is a this maps????
A map with more commands that is usable in lan games

Can I use it on garena?

Yes,but everyone who will join you will download.

So what's the point of this map?
Use it for lan games,play it with your friends...

How to Use This Map:

  1. Download the file below. 
  2. Replace your original dota maps with this one. 
  3. host it. 
  4. type the activator, then use the cheats you want .
  5. have fun!
Menu Commands 
After typing the activator(written below ) hit escape to opoen the manu

Activter for the map's normal commands is -reggie
activator for the map's menu is - reggie or -garenamaster

Download links:
Dota v6.69c fun Map     2Shared(Mirror)


The Map would still be named as "Dota 6.69c" so better place it in a different folder 
To control Roshan like i did above, use the menu commands and click on "Almight hand"

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