X-Menanime-102 Mutant Hunt

The X-Men anime is written by famed English comic book writer/creator Warren Ellis,
and borrows story elements from famed Scottish comic book writer Grant Morrisonearly 2000s
story arch for New X-Men, as well as Joss Whedon mid-2000s run on Astonishing X-Men. 

For those who dont like anime, you'll be pleased to hear that this X-Men anime series
(unlike the Wolverine anime) seems to be staying fairly true to the source material.
Cyclops, Professor X, Beast, Storm and Wolverine all pretty much look like
recognizable versions of themselves -- albeit “animeted” -- which, if you think about it,
isnt too far from what a lot of American superhero cartoons are doing today
(see: Wolverine and the X-Men).
Episode 1 "Mutant Hunt"

The Xmen begin their investigations of the dissapearance of Armor and are led into an ambush
by a force of U-Men controlled robots which are much more powerful than their previous models.
It seems the U-Men, a group of Homo-Sapines Supremisists are harvesting Mutant organs to somehow
extract or control their powers in order to attack mutants on an even footing.
The X-Men find a U-Men Lab and one of the kidnap victems who has been experimented on...

Spoken Language:- Japanese
Subtitled Language


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