How To Upgrade Warcraft 3 Patches Using (Online)

How to install/upgrade to latest Warcraft 3 Patch online using Guide. Whenever Blizzard releases new patch, It becomes available on all the official realms of Blizzard. You can easily upgrade yourself to the latest patch by connecting, it automatically downloads & install the update.

• Original Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Copy/CD-Key (If you don't have it, download the offline patch upgrade file from Blizzard's FTP site)
• Internet Connection (Broadband).


• Start your Warcraft 3 TFT.
• Click, select a realm and connect.
• A download status window will pop-up, let it download the update..

After the download completes another window will pop-up asking for confirmation to restart your Warcraft 3, Click restart!

You Warcraft 3 will be restarted and you will be patched to Warcraft 1.25 Patch.
See the version number at right bottom of Warcraft 3 to validate if you have the latest patch.
Enjoy :)
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