Niss3 Keys 3.1b By Niss3

Niss3 Great Work On Warcraft  Keys. Niss3 Old version is not bad but this version is Great Niss3
( Niss3 key 3.1b ) 

Niss3 Say:
Since so many asked me to do this, I've now done it!

There's a few things I'm still working on to improve this tool. I'll edit here when I've updated to 3.2.

A problem I'm aware of, is that you can't bind CTRL + ALT keys to your shop key. I don't know how common it is to do so, but anyhow it doesn't work yet so please refrain from trying ^^
Niss3 Key Video Tutorail:

               Screen Shot

 Simple, Small and still Addictive

Downlaod links:

Old Versions 3.0 - 403.2 KB

Old Version 3.1 - 403.6 KB

New Version 3.1b - 403.6 KB

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