Tunnel all player in 10s | GG Auto Tunnel

        Dear All My Member 
A player is going to be disconnect?
           I present a small tool - Auto Tunnel GG

This video tutorial: (you should view in HD)

GG Auto Tunnel
Version 3.1
Support: Garena Messenger, Garena English client, Garena Vietnamese client.
Operating system: Xp/Win7


Latest changes ver 3.1 (11/01/2011)
- Add time result in tray tip
- Fix user room list return size (Messenger)
- Press key HOME to increase delay
- Press key END to decrease delay

* Ver 3.0 (10/01/2011)
- Recode GGAutoTunnel
- Tunnel when Garena on Minimize
- Tunnel with CrazySpeed mode
- Enable tray icon
- Renew icon
- Show result on tray

* Ver 2.2 (15/12/2010)
- Supported English client, Vietnamese client, Messenger client
- Fix point to right click
- Intelligent Client detection system

* Ver 2.0 (13/12/2010)
- 2 copies included auto also a single executable file
- Automatically identifies the version of GG is used
- Advertise in the chat room when you start tunnel

* Ver 1.0 (11/12/2010)
Tunnel one by a player in the room 

User guide:
1. Run GGAutoTunnel
2. Make sure your garena running (Can tunnel when Garena on system tray)
3. Press F1 to Tunnel with Normal mode or Press F2 to Tunnel with CrazySpeed mode

Press ESC to exit applications or applications auto exit when finished
Press PAUSE to pause applications 

Link download:
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