Warcraft Version Switcher 1.25b Patch Download | Warcarft Patch Download

Warcraft 1.25b Patch Switcher is now available for download. Warcraft Version Switcher 1.25b is a program designed to provide for those people who intend to switch between Warcraft 1.25b and Warcraft 1.24e. It provides hassle free patching solution without any errors.

Warcraft 1.25b Switcher | Warcraft Version Switcher 1.25b Download:

                     WVS-125b-by-DotA-Throne.Zip (35MB)

If you already have the Warcraft Version Switcher, you can download Warcraft 1.25b zip archive and place it in WVS folder.

Warcraft v1.25b Patch Zip File for Version Switcher:
TFT Version 1.25b.zip (33.2 MB)
This file must be placed in WVS folder in Warcraft Version Switcher directory.


1. Download the 1.25b patch switcher from the links above.
2. Extract the files to any folder using WinRAR.
3. After extracting run WVS.exe and set your Warcraft 3 path.
4. Click the first button switch version and double click your desired Warcraft 3 patch you wanna switch to and click yes.
5. Your War3 version will be switched.
• This program will only work if you have 1.24e patch previously installed.
• You must right click "Wvs.exe"and click "run it as administrator" in Windows 7 & Vista. is for 1.25b patch
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