DotA 6.73 Map Download (News & Updates) | DotA 6.73 Updates

DotA 6.73 Map Download (News & Updates) | DotA 6.73 Updates. DotA 6.73 is the next map of IceFrog's DotA Allstars series. The previous Map 6.72 brought a significant amount of changes to the main gameplay aspects and added a new concept Hero. Now, IceFrog will be focusing on overall balance and slight bug fixing on this upcoming DotA v6.73.

The size of current DotA is reaching 7.80MB which is extremely near to the maximum map file size limit of Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. But the developer, IceFrog mentioned that more space can be achieved by optimizing the map file, so no problem. As usual, You may share your suggestions and feedback to IceFrog and don't forget to report any DotA 6.72 bugs. Report to IceForg

Stay tuned on this page for the latest updates regarding DotA 6.73 AI & official map.

Thank For IceForg previous Map 6.72

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