Garena Master 76.01 (06/03/2011)


Version: 76.01 - [2011/06/03] 

- Fixed bug on Exp Log (exp hack was working fine, the problem is only on log) 
- Fixed few others bug. 
- New feature will be added soon =) 

Version: 76.00 - [2011/06/02] 
- Sounds removed. 
- DropHack will now only be actived if you're on 
- Some others changes and bugfix. 

Version: 75.01 - [2011/05/25] 
- bugfix. 

Version: 75.00 - [2011/05/25] 
- Compatible with new garena update [25/05/2011] 
- 'Show User Info' will now print a System Message on room with: Nick, UID, IP and Real Ping. 

Version: 74.04 - [2011/05/19] 
- Fixed Host Hack 
Added 'Search Nick in room and show the UID' 
Added a poll about a possible vip feature to be added in future, VOTE! 
- Started working on GarenaMaster Banlist [not finished, you can't add users to ban yet] 
- Fixed some others bugs. 

Version: 74.03 - [2011/05/16] 
- Re-added Auto Joiner. 
- Changed GM Icons, thanks to to 'the one the order': 

Version: 74.01 - [2011/05/16] 
- Updated to new garena [2011/05/16] 
- Added Custom Features to advanced users, see example on folder: GM\CustomFeatures\example.ini 
- Added Auto Offset Finder (You'll not need update gm anymore when garena update, will not work only if garena change something near the search code) 
- Fixed many bugs. 

PS: Auto Joiner is temporary disabled, garena changed something on it, we need more time to fix it


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