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Well, it seems our previous prediction is true after all. Valve has just announced the DotA 2 Tournament which will be held on August 17-21 2011 in Gamescomm, Germany. The announcement was put on the I guess this explain why the blog is moved to the Anyway here is the team that will attend the tourney:

Wow, cool huh? 16 teams from all over the world compete in the very first DotA 2 tournament for 1 Million USD prize. Ah, i’m kinda envy them.. Anyway, here is the details of the tournament!
Time : August 17-21 2011
Place : Gamescomm, Cologne, Germany
Prize : 1 Million USD
Format : Group Stage Double Elimination Playoff
Teams :
- Europe: GGnet,
- Denmark: MYM, nevo
- Ukraine: Na’Ve
- China: CCM, LGD, TyLoo, EHOME,
- Russia: M5
- Thailand: MiTH-Trust
- Vietnam: StarsBoBa
- Singapore: Scythe.SG
- Malaysia: MUFC
- Philippines: Mineski.Infinity
Valve said that they will provide the Live Stream for the tournament in 4 languages. So if you can’t go there, you can still watch it live. Going to Germany guys?
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