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Peace and serenity before the battles begin!

It was so quiet that MiTH managed to catch up on some sleep. They were up until 2am having a meeting!

People patiently waiting for the first game to start. It's way more crowded now! IT IS SO EXCITING! Loads of people.

Valve booth surrounded by people! Simply isn't enough space to contain the excitement. Woot!

Booth babes sharing DOTA 2 love with cool wrist bands!

This is the gray edition!

People rushing up to grab some free swag!

Crowd at the far left. Everyone wants to watch and they don't care if they have to sit on the floor!

Crowd at my far right. There is a huge sign that makes it hard to see the people standing there.

Crowd near me and to my right!

Yes, people are literally climbing up the walls to get in! Crowd to my left.

Crowd is much larger in the afternoon! Check out all those arms reaching up for freebies, even though they can also grab them later! Gotta love the atmosphere!

M5 preparing for their match against Na`Vi

Na`Vi across from M5!

This side is near an entrance.

Boom! Another side. See the big towers? Those are for the shoutcasters.

The next side! View from the snack corner.

Fourth side. Obviously the less interesting one because I sit in the opposite corner! Isn't it massive?

Look at those sexy screens!

More screens! It would be cool to have that set up for you and your friends at home! HAHA

Some awesome Valve booth babes. They must have powerful arms and great aim to throw goodies at the audience! ^_^ setting up for their match against Mineski.Infinity

Mineski.Infinity warming up to try to eliminate

Scythe drafting against MYM. Don't they look serious?

MYM drafting for the last match of the day, against Scythe. Yes, that is a huge flag wrapped around their manager.
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