DotA new Heroes images!!!

Some new images of DOTA 2 heroes are emerging. And some of them got a slightly model changes . You can check all the emerging hero models on the images below. Enjoy!

Anti-Mage with brand new blade and better face

Axe is introduced into the game

Enchantress with better details

 Beastmaster with more detailed cosmetics

Chen, no changes?

Crystal Maiden is more colorful

Doom Bringer got bigger armor and horn

 Drow Ranger with better look

Earthshaker ready to shake your ground!

Seems Faceless Void now got a green band on his elbow

Puck ready to “Fuck”!

Mirana‘s tiger got more details 

Lina clothes looks more elegant 

The Nature’s Prophet ready to protect the Radiant

 Morphling new model which looks more watery

Shadow Fiend got a wing and darker face

Night Stalker got a new pants?

Shadow Shaman with his glowing wand

Sand King got lot more details

Pudge with new chain on his back

 Storm Spirit got bigger model, it seems Valve is hearing us

Tinker with his weapons

Vengeful Spirit is looking for revenge!

 New bow for the Windrunner!

Weaver look stronger

Viper got new wings

Zeus with more sophisticated clothes
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