ESWC to hosting Dota II tournament | DotA 2 Adds Juggernaut

The Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) organizing committee is glad to announce a major change for the Dota tournament. Dota teams attending the ESWC 2011 Grand Final will play on Dota 2 made available thanks to Valve. ESWC Support For Dota 2.

IceForg say:-

Those folks who are already playing Dota 2 know that we update the game every Thursday. We thought we’d start posting here each time to highlight neat additions in the weekly update. Today’s update is undoubtedly the most important update we’ll ever ship, because it adds Juggernaut. It could contain absolutely nothing else, and it’d still be the greatest update, but it also contains various fixes and additional features. In particular, we’re still improving the matchmaking system, now that we’re getting a lot of great feedback (and data!) from all the matches being played.

We’re also excited to see that ESWC has announced their support for Dota 2 in their upcoming tournament in October. We’ve really missed watching high level tournament play since The International, so we’re looking forward to it.

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