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The people who have seen the gameplay footage of DOTA 2 are unfamiliar with the in-game Lobby menu of DOTA 2. Not long ago, some screenshots of DotA 2 menu were presented on a discussion forum. The DotA 2 lobby menu is very similar to Heroes of Newerth but it looks unfinished. It has the option of Tournament, Matchmaking, Patrice & Tutorial mode.

DotA 2 Matchmaking Lobby
DotA 2 Game Settings
DotA 2 Graphics/Video Settings
DOTA 2 Control Settings
 Valve has optimized Steam connection settings for DOTA 2 so, players with slow internet connections will have minimum lag/delay problems while playing. DOTA 2 will have servers in every continent to provide lag-less experience to users. You’ll have option to join official DOTA 2 servers or create your own. More updates to come,  Keep visiting DotA 2 Throne & More Latest updates  Join us on Facebook
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