No Beta Key? Don't Worry

 Yes, don’t worry if you’re not getting your beta key because you’re not alone. Many players also intrigued when will they get the beta key. And recently, IceFrog has just made a post in the PlayDota forums to give a clarification about how the DOTA 2 Beta rolled.

IceForg Said:-

"We aren’t planning to have one big beta invite tomorrow. Right now the beta primarily consists of the tournament teams, Dota1 beta testers, and other players that might compete in upcoming events.
We will gradually give access to more and more players over the coming weeks and months. The Dota 2 development process, like with Dota 1, is focused on getting incremental player feedback to help us prioritize features and functionality in the game.
There won’t be an immediate million person invite all at once, but rather a gradual buildup as we develop new features and test various aspects of the game in order to make it an enjoyable experience for an expanding player base."

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