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The growth of DotA, into the massive community that it is today, is because of all the loyal fans who have, time and again, shown their dedication and support over the course of so many years. We are going to gradually start a series of contests to reward some of you with early access to the game. The first one is detailed below.

PlayDotA U-Photo Submission

In this contest, you are required to take a photograph of yourself holding a sign that reads "Dota 2" and your " Username" in any creative fashion (interesting, wild, weird, funny, strange, conceptual or any other adjective you see fit) you can.

The primary target is to ensure that your photo reflects your love for DotA and give us an idea what it means to you.

Rules and Regulations:
  1. All images should be above 600x400 px in size. Images smaller than the mentioned size will not be considered.
  2. You are allowed to submit only one entry. Multiple ID submissions will lead to a disqualification.
  3. You are allowed edit your submission until 48 hours from the time of your submission. No edit is allowed after the deadline is hit.
  4. Do not heavily edit your images digitally. You are allowed to do some basic fixes like contrast, brightness and etc but anything which has been manipulated far from original will be disqualified.
Contest Dates: 
  • Begins: 12:00 AM GMT -8, September 21, 2011 
  • Ends: 11:59 PM GMT -8, September 27, 2011   
    Submissions after the deadline will not be considered under any condition.

  • 12 Dota 2 Keys are up for grabs in this first contest. 6 winners will be chosen by the PlayDotA Staff and each winner will be rewarded with 2 beta keys that they can share with their friends.

Asked Questions

Q) How many photos may I enter?
A) Only one entry per member.

Q) How much photo editing may I use?
A) The only photo editing allowed will be minimalistic such as lighting. Any major changes will not be allowed. If you are unsure then do not edit the submission.

Q) Can other people be in my submission photo?
A) Yes you may have as many as you like. However you need to be in there and you need to be holding the sign displaying "DotA 2" and your "PlayDotA username".

Q) Do I have to be literally holding a sign?
A) If you can think of a creative other way to include the 2 requirements it will most likely be accepted.

Q) Where do I send/attach/upload the photo
A) Please use the dedicated photo submission thread that you can post an entry and can attach your photo to. No other posts must be made in that thread.

Q) Will you accept private photo submissions?
A) No. All photo submissions must be made in the dedicated photo entrant thread. We do it publicly to allow member critique and discussion. All discussion is to be kept in the original announcement thread.

Q) Am I allowed to post a gif or photo series?
A) No, this is a still frame photo competition, not a movie or story competition.

Q) Can staff enter?
A) Staff may enter but they cannot win.

Q) How will winner be decided?
A) There will be multiple staff members choosing the winners to give a well rounded assessment.

Q) But what about us die hard fans who have supported the game forever?
A) There are other ways to get a beta key coming very shortly. This is just the first.

Q) Are the PlayDotA staff just trolling us?
A) Maybe the best troll post ever! Or you could actually win a beta key.

Q) I submitted my photo in the correct thread but its not showing up!
A) You are more than likely a member with very few posts. As a safeguard against spam bots all new posts of these members need to be approved. Your entry will not be affected and your post will be approved within a short time.

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