DotA 6.73 Will Come Multiple Heroes!

Lately, DotA 6.73 is somehow been overshadowed by the recent Dota 2 news and updates. Personally, i even a little worried that the map won't be coming at all. But rest assured! Today IceFrog has confirmed on his profile page that there will be more than one new heroes on the DotA 6.73.

DotA 6.73 may contain the following heroes based on models:-
Goblin Shredder
One of the best Warcraft 3 model waiting for it's position in DotA.
Gnoll (confirmed Upcoming Map DotA 6.73 )
old model of Erader, Shadow Demon which was replaced in v6.72, IceFrog said, he will use it as a new hero.
Frost Wyrm
More Dragons!!!!!

Developer IceFrog whether he intends to use them or not. Which model do you think would be the bests.
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