Official Dota-Allstars 6.73 Download Update & News (Released)

After waiting for almost half year, the DotA 6.73 map is finally, officially released by the developer IceFrog. The v6.73 comes with exciting 5 new items, exciting 4 new heroes, Dragonus - Skywrath Mage, Xin - Ember Spirit, Rizzrak- Goblin Shredder and Tresdin - Legion Commander. There are a lot of bug fixes, a new loading screen and hero reworks done in this massive patch.  

Dota 6.73 Download Link:-
Dota 6.73 Download - MegaUpload Mirror
Dota 6.73 Download - GetDota Mirror

Special Thanks to IceFrog for still updating DotA even after Dota2.
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