DotA 6.74 Map - DotA 6.74 Map Download (Released)

IceForg Finely DotA 6.74 is officially released. IceForg Changes in it is mainly focused on heroes balancing, items tweaks and bug fixes. However, a few heroes spells have been remade to make them effective. The v6.74 will be marked as stable tournament update within a month.

DotA 6.74 Map Download:

- DotA 6.74 map  Get DotA
- DotA 6.74 map  Uploading

As you may know, the purpose of Dota 6.74 was to release a balanced version. The new content will probably be available in the next DotA 6.75. Let IceFrog know what you new content would like to see in the upcoming patch!

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