DotA 6.74 Will Balances| Coming Soon New Contents on the DotA 6.75!

Iceforg Finally give us Some hints DotA 6.74 & DotA 6.75. On a PlayDotA thread. He said that the DotA 6.74 primarily will be a balance and bug fix patch. He Including the remake phoenix and pit lord.And New Contents put in DotA 6.75 and Check out What Iceforg said!

6.74 will be primarily just a small balance/bugfix patch. It will be marked as the new stable version a week or two after it is released, pending any critical bug fixes. Most new/reworked content will be in 6.75. Use this thread to discuss the things you'd like to see in either 6.74 or 6.75.Source

Soo...... If you feel some new heroes in next maps and tooo strong current version Ember Spirit, Xin

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